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Global adheres to a set of key values and business standards:

* Reliability
From the initial contact, Global becomes accountable to your business. Being accountable makes Global deliver with accuracy and promptness every time. Providing trustworthy services is a pledge.

* Knowledge
Requires more than learning and testing the rules. It demands knowing their fringes and recognizing how to safely expand boundaries, to attain goals and to meet objectives in the most diverse scenarios.

* Experience
Knowledge of many years has evolved into a craft that enhances our ability to present creative and cost-efficient alternatives and solutions.

* Availability
Global's professional staff maintains personal contact and is readily accessible at all times, offering quick and common-sense responses.

* Zeal
Global is committed to seeing your affairs and matters through, without exceptions. Global makes your business its own.

* Discretion
Separate inquiries or transactions deserve separate consideration. Beyond traditional concepts of privacy, Global upholds privacy standards by creating procedures that offer individualized dealings and separate attention even while serving single family or business groups.