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The professional staff at Global has over 15 years of experience in the creation and administration of all types of corporate forms and estate planning entities. The focus at Global has the technology, tools and resources, to ensure the provision of top-notch corporate services.

Whether we are called to create a simple company, to design a complex structure, or even to successfully combine a single entity in another existing structure, Global is poised to deliver a timely, accurate and cost-sensitive response.

Our professional staff has significant experience in all types of corporate transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, spin-ofs, asset restructuring, divestitures, asset capitalizations, stock repurchases, redemptions and compensation and dividend structures. Global has also developed expertise in consueling business entities to structure its corporate affairs and to operate in the most efficient tax enviroment. Global is prepared to work with structures from various jurisdictions, and within or outside the scope of double taxation treaties.

Because business requirements do not always arise during regular hours, our professional staff is readily accessible through time zones and holidays. Whether an inquiry requires a single sentence response or an elaborate memo, personal contact is maintained at all times, consistently offering selective and rapid responses.


Experience has enabled us to successfully handle numerous challenging business and financial transactions, involving established corporations and partnerships, as well as representation of start-ups and new market entrants engaged in complex business activities.

We have developed a vast experience structuring joint ventures, foreign company branches and establishments, and distributorships with investments in a diverse array of market activities.

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