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Family and personal assets are vulnerable. They are the end product of enormous effort and persistent labor, often times shares for family generations and trusted executives. Protecting them is vital. The greatest challenge and main objective are to preserve those assets within the family group, and to assure that future generations will make the most of it. Timely planning and reliable access to competent and knowledgeable counseling is a key element to meet these challenges and objectives.

For more than two decades, counselors and staff members at Global Corporate Consultants Inc. have provided many Latin American families with skilled planning and sound advice, by devising bespoke business succession, inheritance plans and assets transfer structures. These structures are efficient and work through time zones and asset classes. Our business approach follows a proven and comprehensive research pattern that elicits material client and asset information, and affords the opportunity to develop a framework that fits each client every time.

At Global we take pride in developing the trust that serves as a foundation for maintaining lengthy business relationships.