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At Global we believe that knowledge, experience, discretion and reliability are the core ingredients for dispensing effective corporate and fiduciary services. However, our focus to providing them with zeal is what makes us stand out.

The professional staff at Global has over 15 years of practical experience in servicing clients with zeal. At Global we endeavor to serve institutional and professional clients. Whether we are called to create a simply company, to design a complex structure, or even to successfully combine a single entity in another existing structure, Global is poised to deliver a timely, accurate and cost -sensitive response. Because business requirements do not always arise during regular hours, our professional staff is readily accessible through time zones and holidays.

Global has developed particular proficiency in:

    * Formation of various types of corporate forms, including corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships, in various jurisdictions.
    * Formation of Foundations of Private Interest.
    * Creation of Trusts for creditor and surety transactions, and for estate planning purposes.
    * Licensing and registering Captive Insurance Companies.
    * Licensing and registering entities to serve as special purpose investment vehicles.
    * Registration of pleasure and recreational vessels.
    * Preparation of Accounting Records and Financial Statements.
    * Tax Residency Services for Individuals & Corporations.
    * Inheritance, business succession and asset planning.
    * Provision of economic substance services.
    * Provision of Mail Forwarding and Office Management services.
    * Provision of secretarial services.
Our professional staff has significant experience in all types of corporate transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, asset restructuring, divestitures, asset capitalizations, stock repurchases, redemptions and compensations and dividend structures.

Global has also developed expertise in counseling business entities to structure its corporate affairs and to efficiently operate in diverse tax environments. Global is prepared to work with structures from various jurisdictions, and within or outside the scope of double taxation treaties.